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Asset Replacement

After my university hustle days which I have attempted to chronicle here , I started an accounting practice in 2013 and needless to say, v...

Leadership in unlikely ways

One cool evening after work, I was driving home on the busy Adeola Odeku Street in Victoria Island. The beauty of the night lights rea...

My FATE Foundation Experience

FATE Foundation is a charitable organization with a full focus on entrepreneurial development. They run various programs for aspiring b...

Before you get a mentor

So this post is actually supposed to be one line: Before you get a mentor, do your homework! Too many times I have seen people wh...

Questions - Why Cards Episode 1

Asides a recent obsession with Quora , I first came across the concept of Why cards one day while snooping on my younger sister's note...

Fresh off NYSC : MBA or not?

So you just finished NYSC and are torn between jumping into the labour market or returning to school for an MBA. This one is for you!

2015 is around the corner!

Thank you guys so much for taking out time to read the write ups posted on this blog. I am indeed grateful to you. At this time last y...

My Mckinsey Story - Part 1

At some point in my life, my dream was to work at Mckinsey & Company, the world's number one consulting firm. Fair enough, I got a c...

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