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Before you get a mentor

So this post is actually supposed to be one line: Before you get a mentor, do your homework! Too many times I have seen people who rush at mentorship without doing the necessary work that they need to do on their own. This is what I call the homework. Homework back in my early schooling days was an assignment that the teacher expected her students to work on outside the classroom. So I would be using this teacher/student relationship to explain somethings. It is important to note that for this article, I am not referring to the teacher as the mentor. Now when you receive home work, the following things are necessary: 1. Properly document the homework: Just like you have to copy out the assignment from the board or listen attentively to figure out which pages to read, in life we need to properly document and define the problem. 2. Figure out what you already know from previous lessons: In the same way a teacher builds the next lesson on previous lessons, the