Why Cards Episode 2

So I told you guys in my last episode of Why cards that I learnt this stuff from my sister. I got her to give my readers a dose of her witty insights. enJOY (Her name is Joy...pun intended)

Q: Why greeting cards?
A: They are cheap and save you the breath

Q: Why movies?
A: You can live many lives in a few hours

Q: Why machines?
A: They don’t get tired

Q: Why doormen?
A: People don’t like to enter a place unnoticed

Q: Why make up and perfumes?
A: They are masks

Q: Why Zoos?
A: Saves travel time to have the animals in one place.

Q: Why shower stands?
A: It is like rain

Q: Why do people keep long hair?
A: It’s a covering

Q: Why write blogs?
A: You get to keep a public diary

Q: Why do we pay taxes?
A: For benefit of the public or not, depending on who collects it.

Q: Why build a career?
A: Become a ‘Jack’ of one trade

Q: Why do we use pressing irons?
A: To imitate the look of new clothes

Q: Why build sky scrapers?
A: To save land

Q: Why should we budget?
A: We count our chicks before they hatch


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