DA Notes - Happiness

Some time in 2014, I had closed work for the day and I was deeply frustrated and unhappy. I'm not sure till this day I know exactly why.
As part of my daily social media routine, I got on Youtube and stumbled on a video of some ghetto kids happily dancing to Eddy Kenzo's Sitya Loss.

I did not understand a word of what Eddy Kenzo was saying (click to see the meaning of his lyrics) but the beat and great vocals coupled with these kids bubbling with energy and having a great time got me in my feelings.

I realized that these kids did not have a tenth of what I had but they were happy. Now this story isn't about saying I would have traded all I had to be happy. No that's not the point. I'm trying to explain that somehow I felt I should be happier because I seemed to have more means.

Within a few minutes of watching, I broke down into tears. I had to find happiness. It was not in the degrees, it wasn't in owning a business or having money. Happiness was within. Till this day, I continue to watch that video and play that song from time to time and it always give me happy thoughts.

As we strive daily as adults to achieve one goal or the other, let us not forget to be happy. First happiness is within you and in this amazing relationships you share and ofcourse pursuing your religious inclination diligently.



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