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10 things every new entrant to the Job Market must know about managing a salary

So you fasted and prayed combining the knowledge on online forums like nairaland and and finally got a job. Hurray!!! I congratulate you. This news lands in the ears of your friends and the next thing they tell you is “We go wash am oh”. You also tell your pastor and you are aptly informed of a first fruit offering or maybe you have even decided to give your first salary to your parents as a sign of gratitude. Before the salary is earned, it is already spent. The following tips should help every new entrant in the job market concerning managing finances. Some regrettably, I wish I knew earlier. 1. You really do not have to “wash” your new job . While it is okay to be grateful and want to celebrate, going over the top is never a wise decision. 2. Look at your offer letter well and find out how much you are actually taking home . Nowadays, Nigerian employers state salaries at “cost to employer” this means that they lump all benefits you are to receive to for

Stanford GSB Information Session - Lagos

With the world's focus on Africa, its no surprise that everyone wants a piece in the African pie. Representatives of Stanford's Graduate School of Business were in Lagos recently for an information session on gaining admission into the prestigious school. For those that do not know, Stanford GSB is ranked in the top 3 Business Schools in the world alongside Harvard and Wharton. The venue for the information session was Radisson Blu Hotel and the Admissions officer Sabah Khan (pretty lady I must say) was on hand to handle the session. The also gathered a team of Stanford Alumni resident in Nigeria to enable prospective applicants get a feel of he school from the perspective of people who have passed through the system. Sabah took the audience through a short presentation of Stanford GSB and what they look for particularly stating that they help people achieve careers if meaning and impact. She also talked about the Design School also known as the D-School which got m