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Oba Ilobaa: Remote Management Hack

Sitting idly in a hotel room in Accra, I lazily swiped through my phone scrolling through photos taken at the Cape-Coast castle the previous evening. I pondered on the business angle of slavery and the operational management systems employed to export human beings. The thought of business jarred me back into my own reality, my young Laundromart business is in Lagos, Nigeria. What are they doing right now? Are today’s sales better than yesterday’s? Are they treating customers’ right? Are they pilfering from sales? On and on... Now let us set something straight right away, if these are among your biggest business worries then your chances at growth from point A to B is still very slim. Your job is to grow the business not sweat operations. Here are top 9 Reasons I can vacation at Seychelles for a month (if I like) and not worry that my business will crumble in that time. 1. Receipts and invoices for every dime in and out. Keep a record book. Make it electronic this is 2014.