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My Mckinsey Story - Part 3

After 2 weeks, Mckinsey hadn’t contacted me and somewhere in my head I still had hope. After a month, I became apprehensive and sent emails...

After 2 weeks, Mckinsey hadn’t contacted me and somewhere in my head I still had hope. After a month, I became apprehensive and sent emails to them and was told if I was successful they would contact me for the next round.

Several months passed and I gave up hope and moved on with my life as I didn’t get any response howbeit of my success or failure.

From that point on, any interview by a Nigerian company was very easy. I was over prepared. I ended up working with Vetiva Capital Management, (another great place to work in Nigeria), joining the 2012 ARM Young talent program (AYTP) and another investment bank shortly afterwards.

So why didn’t I make it – My analysis

1. My responses perhaps weren’t well structured
2. The second interview was responsible
3. Maybe they had already filled the vacancy they had
4. Maybe I just wasn’t up to the Mckinsey standard
5. And of course, maybe it just was never meant to happen

I didn’t make it in, but what I learnt has opened my eyes to a lot! Prior to that time I never knew if a business was failing, you could get specialists to tell you what to do. I started thinking globally. In fact, let’s just say my entire mental processes were overhauled.

I was still determined to join Mckinsey and applied once again but this time I didn’t get past the PST stage. At this point I started giving out all the materials I had so others can do what I couldn’t do.

I still have dreams of following through the process and getting and offer and turn it down just for sport. Just to prove to myself that I could actually do it. Anyway right now I’m too busy chasing money. Maybe immediately after grad school I would seeke vengeance with Mckinsey (lol).

Questions people have asked

Q: Concerning the problem solving questions, how were they? Were u expecting those questions before d interview?
A: Ofcourse, I was expecting those kind of questions. I had researched the company and knew that was their interview style.

Q: Guy, you dey mad gan oh, how you take answer all those questions?
A: Once you know what is required, just practice and practice. I didn’t know anything about interview like this before Mckinsey came recruiting.

Q: How did you prepare for the interview?
A: I had mentors who pointed me in the right direction to good resources. Shout out to Abiodun Sanusi, CFA. He personally handed me a copy of Case in point by Marc Consentino and linked me up with an MBA student at the Wharton Business School to get more information. Victor Cheng was also useful (google him). Mckinsey also had a coaching session for interviewees even though that alone is insufficient. I actually prepared for this interview for about 3 months! Mckinsey also organized a 2 day case coaching session for all shortlisted interviewees.

Q: Where can I find resources for preparation?
A: Vault Case Interview Practice Guide (Paperback)

The Vault Guide to the Case Interview (Paperback)

Case in Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation, Fourth Edition (Paperback)

Additional resources for further case practice.

I hope that one day, someone who has read this thread of articles would actually nick an offer with Mckinsey and more importantly, put information like this to use for SMEs in Africa.

I have enjoyed every moment of writing this article and I hope it was worth your time.


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