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My article on Nairaland front page

First fruits of the colab with!!!! My column on is on Nairaland's front page. *yaaay* Didn't see this coming at all. For those who haven't seen it yet, check it out here or here Screenshot below

3000 Views + David Apaflo now a columnist in Nigeria's most influential career blog

Hi guys, I am thrilled to announce that has crossed the 3,000 views mark!!! This has only been possible by your readership and I thank you very much. In the coming weeks, I would be tweaking the blog layout to give a smoother feel and for easy navigation. In other news, yours truly would now be featured on nigeria's most influential career blog see the press release here . And please remember to vote for in the Nigerian Blog Awards 2013 here . Look for the category on Best Career or Job Blog

My First Business Venture - Part 2

This is the concluding part of my previous article on my first business venture. If you are yet to read it, click here . Timing could be everything I now had a product, a price and had gone on to produce an initial 50 copies. And before the semester got into full swing I started marketing. Marketing at the beginning of the semester meant a lot of students were just settling in and hadn’t yet started gathering past questions. This helped a great deal as the product was hugely accepted. Swallowing my pride to market Marketing is one word a lot of us despise especially with how we have come to know it especially in Nigeria. It is also not really fancied because of the risk of rejection. Everybody wants to avoid rejection and so we would rather do any other thing than marketing. I was in this category prior to this time. However, I now had a product I had to sell else I would be making a loss. I knew people needed, the product, I knew the pricing was right all I needed to do was SEL