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Mentor Monday - Episode 3 : You Only Live Once

The acronym YOLO was popular a few years ago by US rapper/singer Drake. With the popularity of his song, people suddenly realized that you only get one shot at life. For me, this wasn't so strange because growing up, my Mother always had this funny quote: When you were younger and you always dreamt of things you would do when you are older, this is it. This is the time you had been dreaming of. Make use of it. A lot of times we have several dreams which we defer to the future not realising the time is now as some of these dreams have already been procrastinated to present day. I need you all to take a deep breath, remember those things which you always said you would do and JUST DO IT because you only live once!

Questions - Why Cards Episode 1

Asides a recent obsession with Quora , I first came across the concept of Why cards one day while snooping on my younger sister's notepad. lol. It is basically about asking random questions and answering them with some cheeky answers. It seemed fun and captivating. However, beneath the fun, you are likely to unearth some deep knowledge about certain issues. As one of my favorite writers Mike Murdock puts it, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask! Have fun with this guys! Q: Why does Apple have a logo at the back of it's Macbooks? A: They just want to show off. Q: Why does the work week start on Monday and not any other day? A: Well, we all agreed to start on monday. Q: Why are you reading this? A: You are maybe bored or curious. Maybe trying to see what I'm up to. lol Q: Why does America act like the class captain of the world? A: I dunno o. The stole the ether from Mid guard. Q: Why are pastors of mega churches so

David Apaflo @ TEDx Unilag

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Oba Ilobaa : An Entrepreneur, His idea and MONEY

I met Oba when he contacted me to work on the financial projections for his Laundromart business back in 2012. Trust me when I say it all started with an Idea . In this piece, he shares the insights he has gained in starting and running his business for almost 24 months. - David Apaflo Neatly stacking the well ironed shirts and ‘Natives’ into my school bag, then crosschecked the old GTB diary to confirm the bill and be certain all items were accounted for, I sent the sms and hopped into a ‘danfo’ heading to Ikota to deliver fresh laundry to a customer. This was how I started a laundry business as an undergraduate in the University of Lagos. Fast-forward this by four years and we have Snowfresh Laundromarts (UNILAG ), a Business School certificate, a winner of Diamond Bank BET3 programme , and an admirable network of seasoned entrepreneurs and consultants. The idea was simple then as it is simple now – “to provide laundry service to a large demographic at the lowest po

David Apaflo graces the Battle Axe Summit 2014

On Thursday 28th August 2014, I was a guest at the Battle Axe Summit of the Youth Minstry, Foursquare Gospel Church, Gbagada. I spoke on the topic Starting (business) Small. It was an interesting question and answer session where I shared my practical experience in my short business sojourn. I would update this post with the audio and pictures when I get them. Stay winning and never be afraid to start small!

1 year after

So its one year since I have been publishing posts on this blog and I want to say my mind has been blown by the kind of response I got. The over 25,000 views we have grossed in the last one year doesn't even capture the entire story. The job offers, the scholarships, the encouragement, those things cannot even be quantified. I started this blog not trying to make money. I was just doing it to find my peace of mind. I am indeed grateful for everyone who has taken out time to visit this blog whether or not you read a piece. For those who are regular readers, those who promote and share these pieces with their friends. One of the humbling experiences of writing on this blog has been having people that I have never met calling me up to ask for my opinions on certain issues. Once again, thank you and please ensure you share this blog with your friends,, family and the rest of the world .

Switch - From 1.51 CGPA to a 5.0CGPA : The Story of a man named Ifeanyi Nwigwe

As earlier promised, I would be posting interviews with some young leaders on the rise with very interesting stories. First to grace this platform is Ifeanyi Nwigwe who is a Chartered Accountant and currently works with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms in Nigeria. In this interview, you get to see how he moved from 1.51 CGPA to a 5.0CGPA. DA: Hi Ifeanyi, Can we get to know you more? I am from a humble background where I was taught that what mattered the most was preserving a "good name" over material things and to trust in long term reward as opposed to instant gratification. My parents ensured they gave me the best within their means. I grew up amidst so much affection and care where I was brought up on the tenets of Christianity. DA: Can you tell us a brief about your undergraduate background? My undergraduate background is one noteworthy of. When I wrote Jamb in 2006, I applied to the University of Lagos to study Pharmacy but didn't meet the cut off mark so

Jim Lafferty on Leadership

A few years ago, I attended a seminar where Jim Lafferty then CEO CocaCola West Africa spoke on leadership. Going through my notes, I found some timeless insights I would love to share with you. Items after this paragraph are from Jim. Characteristics of good leaders 1. People respect them - What you need in the working place is respect not love. 2. People want to work for them. 3. People feel support & protection. 4. People are loyal to great leaders. 5. People admire them & aspire to be like them. Leadership emotions are built upon actions, behaviours and interactions. 12 leadership’s behaviours 1. Humble & human – not afraid to admit mistakes, great leaders admit their humanity. 2. Live by the principle “in third” 3. Brutal, 100% honesty, in all shapes and forms. 4. Demand truth and honesty in return and reward it. 5. Do what is right no matter the price. • A principle is not a principle until it costs you something. • Leaders must be above reproach. 6

Tobi Adeseri: Even Beggars think they need improvement, how much more YOU?

Yes!!! now has guest writers!!!! Below is a brilliant piece from Tobi Adeseri.Tobi is a Business Strategist and a Brand Consultant. Recently, on my way to work, I came across 3 beggars plying their trade as is usual with most places in Lagos. As I walked past them, one called out to me saying "Oga Good Morning, where my own". This statement made no sense to me and I just kept on moving. Walking past them I began to wonder what he meant by that statement and then I heard the other two making jest of him asking "wetin be where my own" then it dawned on me the former guy wasn't as skillful as his other colleagues. This really took me back to life and made me remember the story a friend told me of a popular beggar that had started building and developing his house and this made me realize that even begging is a skill and the best of them (the guys on the road you give money to out of pity) think they have to perfect their skill to invoke you

Rest in Peace Mandela - What do you really know about Mandela?

I woke up this morning to the news of Mandela's death. With so many glowing tributes about Mandela, I know he was a great man. What he was great for, i probably didn't know. Oh yes i know he fought against apartheid, I know he wrote a lot in the book long walk to freedom but I haven't read that book! I know I am not alone. A lot of people are just shouting RIP Mandela simply because everybody is doing the same. If you are like me that doesn't really know much about Mandela, I suggest the following resources to help appreciate what Mandela fought for and represented. This way, his struggle would have not been in vain. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 I also challenge you to live a life that can be celebrated while alive and when you die and more importantly in heaven. Cheers, DA

My First Business Venture - Part 2

This is the concluding part of my previous article on my first business venture. If you are yet to read it, click here . Timing could be everything I now had a product, a price and had gone on to produce an initial 50 copies. And before the semester got into full swing I started marketing. Marketing at the beginning of the semester meant a lot of students were just settling in and hadn’t yet started gathering past questions. This helped a great deal as the product was hugely accepted. Swallowing my pride to market Marketing is one word a lot of us despise especially with how we have come to know it especially in Nigeria. It is also not really fancied because of the risk of rejection. Everybody wants to avoid rejection and so we would rather do any other thing than marketing. I was in this category prior to this time. However, I now had a product I had to sell else I would be making a loss. I knew people needed, the product, I knew the pricing was right all I needed to do was SEL

5 simple steps to start your blog with less than N3,000!

At a recent summit, I was amazed to learn that Africa’s contribution to online content is less than 20%!! Thinking about it, most times you search for information, you would get a lot of foreign perspectives with that local perspective nowhere to be found. Nairaland seems to be the most reliable source for finding local content on the internet. In the light of the above, we all should get online and start posting! Post about Nigerian, African stuff!! Let’s put Africa in its rightful place. The following steps are to guide you in becoming a content creator: 1. Visit and search for the blog address (domain) you want to use 2. If it is available, proceed to check out and pay for the domain using your GTBank Naira Mastercard (should cost about $14 which is about N2,300) 3. Visit and create a blog account 4. Follow the instructions here and here to link your domain to blogger 5. Fill your blog with content

Why I am writing a blog

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a blog and my initial thoughts were “Should everyone blog?” I think everyone should and my reason is simple -You have access to information that someone needs. Why not share?! Based on that premise, this blog is basically about sharing my insights, perspectives and general gist. I might get a bit personal too. The blog will basically be along the lines of career, money, business, motivation as these are the areas I have had people ask the most questions. I hope you find this blog useful. DA