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Showing posts with label Purpose. Show all posts

Questions - Why Cards Episode 1

Asides a recent obsession with Quora , I first came across the concept of Why cards one day while snooping on my younger sister's note...

1 year after

So its one year since I have been publishing posts on this blog and I want to say my mind has been blown by the kind of response I got. Th...

Jim Lafferty on Leadership

A few years ago, I attended a seminar where Jim Lafferty then CEO CocaCola West Africa spoke on leadership. Going through my notes, I found...

My First Business Venture - Part 2

This is the concluding part of my previous article on my first business venture. If you are yet to read it, click here . Timing could be ...

Why I am writing a blog

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a blog and my initial thoughts were “Should everyone blog?” I think everyone should and my reason is simple...

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