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Your Lifetime Earnings

Changing phases of life Have you ever sat and wondered. Maybe on a monday morning feeling lethargic and then proceed to ask yourself why you have to get up and go to work? Asides the therapeutic effects of working (yes there are), it helps to know how much you are really working for. I have done an analysis of a basic scenario of a  moderate career track  spanning 35 years as allowed by the Nigerian Labor Laws. All figures are in Nigerian Naira and the tax laws applied are those prevailing at the time of writing this article.  I  assume a scenario where a graduate finished school at about 23 years after the hurdles of JAMB and University strikes. I have also tried to calculate the present value of future earnings. To all non finance readers, this is simply determining how much N1 in the future is worth today.  Please note that this is not an authoritative salary guide.  Take a look at the table below. Year Age  Gross Pay  Tax Pension Net After Tax Pre

What entrepreneurs don't like to talk about but should - Oba Ilobaa

I honestly think there should be many books dedicated to it, with the big names used in illustrations. It is only fair that a truer picture is painted and for every colourful business success story there should be a balancing black and white version for the failures. It serves no one any good purpose to tell only the Forbes-worthy start-up stories and merely glance over its more than likely counterpart; “ F A I L U R E ” Failure can be painful, lonely, depressing and sometimes downright shameful –depending on the size of your ego. Riddle me this? How many books have you read that is dedicated to business failures and the lessons behind the failures? I’m an avid reader of HBR materials and I can tell you for free nobody really wants to talk about personal failures but, we all fail at something at some point and that’s a fact! I failed last year and, failed so bigly that I almost lost sight of all the beautiful wins I have in my pouch, I lost cool cash, closed one busines