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Mentor Monday - Episode 3 : You Only Live Once

The acronym YOLO was popular a few years ago by US rapper/singer Drake. With the popularity of his song, people suddenly realized that you only get one shot at life. For me, this wasn't so strange because growing up, my Mother always had this funny quote: When you were younger and you always dreamt of things you would do when you are older, this is it. This is the time you had been dreaming of. Make use of it. A lot of times we have several dreams which we defer to the future not realising the time is now as some of these dreams have already been procrastinated to present day. I need you all to take a deep breath, remember those things which you always said you would do and JUST DO IT because you only live once!

Mentor Monday - Episode 2 : Think like your boss

I was in Dele Ogunlowo's office "Egbon Dele" as I fondly call him. We were talking about business in general and building careers. One thing led to another and he said to me : To be successful as an employee, you need to think like your employer! I also dare add - to be successful as an employer, you need to think like your clients. Basically, the concept is to ensure that you are on the same page with the person who evaluates your efforts.