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Questions - Why Cards Episode 1

Asides a recent obsession with Quora , I first came across the concept of Why cards one day while snooping on my younger sister's notepad. lol. It is basically about asking random questions and answering them with some cheeky answers. It seemed fun and captivating. However, beneath the fun, you are likely to unearth some deep knowledge about certain issues. As one of my favorite writers Mike Murdock puts it, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask! Have fun with this guys! Q: Why does Apple have a logo at the back of it's Macbooks? A: They just want to show off. Q: Why does the work week start on Monday and not any other day? A: Well, we all agreed to start on monday. Q: Why are you reading this? A: You are maybe bored or curious. Maybe trying to see what I'm up to. lol Q: Why does America act like the class captain of the world? A: I dunno o. The stole the ether from Mid guard. Q: Why are pastors of mega churches so