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So i checked my dashboard as has become a daily routine and YES!!! This blog has been viewed over ONE THOUSAND TIMES in just about a month of its launch. A big thank you to everyone reading. My new target is 10k by December 25th, 2013 . Hopefully that would be surpassed long before then. DA

7 innovative e-commerce websites in Nigeria

It is 2013 and it is impressive to see how fast online businesses are picking up in Nigeria. Here at , we are very much interested in innovation and have selected some of the most innovative websites we have come across offering services to Nigerians. We all know of jumia and konga but let us take a look at some unique e-commerce websites you might never have heard of. 1. Here, you can quickly what properties you can rent without the hassle of searching for a housing agent. If you have been through the stress of searching for house before, you would appreciate this. 2. Easily find drinks of all ranges. Whether it's a mixture of great value bottles for your everyday drinking, or a couple of cases of great vintage wine for laying down, theyn provide a good selection and experience. 3. MHQ Store is an online shopping portal for basic home items like food stuff etc. The unique thing about MHQ is that the

Few things about me

Had some free time and decided to take a shot at some questions! [ View the story "Few things about me" on Storify ]

5 simple steps to start your blog with less than N3,000!

At a recent summit, I was amazed to learn that Africa’s contribution to online content is less than 20%!! Thinking about it, most times you search for information, you would get a lot of foreign perspectives with that local perspective nowhere to be found. Nairaland seems to be the most reliable source for finding local content on the internet. In the light of the above, we all should get online and start posting! Post about Nigerian, African stuff!! Let’s put Africa in its rightful place. The following steps are to guide you in becoming a content creator: 1. Visit and search for the blog address (domain) you want to use 2. If it is available, proceed to check out and pay for the domain using your GTBank Naira Mastercard (should cost about $14 which is about N2,300) 3. Visit and create a blog account 4. Follow the instructions here and here to link your domain to blogger 5. Fill your blog with content

My Mckinsey Story - Part 1

At some point in my life, my dream was to work at Mckinsey & Company, the world's number one consulting firm. Fair enough, I got a chance after passing the infamous Problem Solving Test (PST). For those who think GMAT is tough, try some PSTs. Anyway as is typical with Mckinsey, there are about 4-6 interviews comprising personal experience questions and case study interviews before clinching an offer. I have decided to share the transcript of my first interview in the process. Hope this makes a good read for those aiming to get into the consulting field. I was scheduled for 2 interviews - 8am and 9am and I arrived and took my seat in the neat but tiny reception on the 6th Floor Mulliner Towers Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria I was interviewed by a guy named Fred. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE QUESTION: Fred: So tell me of a time you managed upwards. Where you had to convince a superior to accept your point of view and what was the process like? ...I went on to rant on and on as i had come prepared