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7 innovative e-commerce websites in Nigeria

It is 2013 and it is impressive to see how fast online businesses are picking up in Nigeria. Here at , we are very much inte...

It is 2013 and it is impressive to see how fast online businesses are picking up in Nigeria. Here at, we are very much interested in innovation and have selected some of the most innovative websites we have come across offering services to Nigerians. We all know of jumia and konga but let us take a look at some unique e-commerce websites you might never have heard of.


Here, you can quickly what properties you can rent without the hassle of searching for a housing agent. If you have been through the stress of searching for house before, you would appreciate this.


Easily find drinks of all ranges. Whether it's a mixture of great value bottles for your everyday drinking, or a couple of cases of great vintage wine for laying down, theyn provide a good selection and experience.


MHQ Store is an online shopping portal for basic home items like food stuff etc. The unique thing about MHQ is that the sell recipes meaning if you want to make ogbono soup, rather than shopping for all the ingredients individually, you can actually buy all the items in a recipe bundle. I call this the bachelor’s favorite!


Have you ever wanted to switch houses or offices and then were concerned about how to move your valuables? Most people resort to aimlessly hoping to find a random truck for rent. Well in this digital age, look no further! Moovelogic has got you covered. Just go to their website, fill in your details and voila! You are ready to go.


Events mart is a one stop online location to find all vendors to make your event a dream come true. From caterers to DJs to comperes, Music Artistes to even Aso-Ebi Planners! Everything you might want for your events can be found here!


TaxiPark helps Lagosians book a taxi within Lagos via their PC or via their mobile phones. Sadly, the website is down as at the time of this report.


One stop website to buy sunglasses of all kinds.

Feel free to share links to other innovative websites you have come across in the comments section.

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**This list is totally based on the opinion of the writer and in no way represents a general consensus.

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