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2 business ideas that can thrive off the booming e-commerce sector in Nigeria

As a follow up to my post on 7 innovative e-commerce websites in Nigeria , I have carefully thought about two businesses that can spring f...

As a follow up to my post on 7 innovative e-commerce websites in Nigeria, I have carefully thought about two businesses that can spring from this internet vibe we are seeing in Nigeria. You know almost everyone has a web shop or a blog nowadays. Lol

In the course of my daily activities as a business consultant, I am constantly asked for new business ideas and ways in which businesses can improve their profits and grow even bigger. Some people seem to be just waiting with capital to jump on the next big idea to hit the market.

I can however say, that no matter how good a business idea is, if you do not have passion, discipline and good business design, it would fail. Below, I write of two business that you can easily setup with less than N500,000 to support these internet businesses.

1. Customer Call Centre

What it is: Have you ever placed an order online? Did you notice that someone called you to confirm your order? That was a customer care person.

Why it is a good business: There are several online companies with no physical address. A lot of them are also run by people working full time on another job. These people have no time neither do they have the resources to hire a customer care agent or even pay rent, pay for other equipment to have a fully functional customer call service centre. However, they will be willing to pay someone who helps them have access to these facilities without the stress of setting up. You can even add an extra service charge for handling their social media customer service.

What you would need: Phone(s), call Centre software, Laptop, Internet

2. Delivery Business

What it is: As the name implies, you deliver goods ordered online to the customer and sometimes pick up the goods in the first instance based on the operations model of the online store.

Why it is a good business: Once again, owners of stores just want to sell without bothering about the other issues. You can even expand to cater to other offline stores who leverage the internet for sales.

What you would need: Phone(s), Motor Bike, Riders Card (In states where “Okada” has been banned)

For any business, you need to identify your customers, brand your business properly, price rightly and other business enhancing activities.

Should incase you are interested in any of these businesses, please feel free to drop a mail using this email address we would be happy to help you succeed.


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