DA Reflections - Episode 1

Over the next couple of weeks, I would be running a five part series on some deep reflections on life.

Some of the things you might have seen before but this time, take time to really think and develop a principle for your life.

Reflection: If you are going to the 20th floor and the lift will only stop on the 21st or 19th floor, where will you drop and why?

It is important to note that as with many of life's questions, this question has no right or wrong answer. The correctness of the answer depends on the WHY.

Happy reflections,

See the link to the second episode here


Kenechukwu said…
I'll probably stop on the 21st floor. It will give me the opportunity to gain experience of viewing the 21st floor, even though I may not need it yet. Also, it's easier to walk down from the 21st than to walk up from the 19th

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