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DA Reflections - Episode 2 : The Parable of Ewa Agoyin!

Earlier today I went to pay someone a visit. On my way back, I noticed this ewa agoyin seller. The food she was selling had a very inviting ...

Earlier today I went to pay someone a visit. On my way back, I noticed this ewa agoyin seller. The food she was selling had a very inviting aroma and as a matter of fact that is how I noticed her. Walking past her simply because it was a road side food shop and as a fresh guy, I could not be found at such a place (you know na…lol).

I hadn’t gone a few steps farther when I rescinded my decision and went back to have a taste of this meal with such a pleasing aroma. Ewa agoyin asides its taste, brings with it so many nostalgic memories of my childhood growing up in Nigeria and so this to me was more than just a meal.

I finally went and placed my order for ewa agoyin (for those not familiar with the word, its beans and palm oil fried by the angels) and asked if she had bread to go with it. Lo and behold, she didn’t have bread. In a split second I imagined how people would have rushed the bread early in the day and hence as a late comer I had nothing left. However this was not the case! She didn’t sell bread at all!! She however offered to send someone to help buy bread nearby. Next I asked if she sold soft drinks so I could “step down” the meal when I am done. Once again, she didn’t sell soft drinks!! Had it not been for my deep desire for the ewa agoyin, I would have been off to find an alternative.

As I sat to eat my meal “assembled” from different sources, I started to think. I started to think about how unaware this trader was to the fact that she could be losing sales simply because she doesn’t sell products that complement her ewa. I do not know so many people who eat ewa agoyin alone. She didn’t even sell yam!!! Huh??

Key reflections for you:

- What products or services do you currently sell that need other products to function properly?

- Are you currently selling those complementary products?

After going through these two questions, you are on the way to boosting your sales.

One might think this example applies only to products. No!! It also applies to people, employees, and professionals. Recently, I needed someone to help install a washing machine and I came across someone who was a specialist in this area. Speaking to him, he told me in addition to his services, I needed to find a plumber by myself. It sounded absurd to me. Why would the engineer not at least come with a plumber and give me the final bill? Why did he have to put me through the stress of finding a plumber myself? Or why couldn’t he even do the plumbing work?

Clearly from this example you can see that the illustration also holds true for services.

Acquire complementary skills and knowledge.

Which is better:
- To be just a cloth designer only or to be a cloth designer that can also sew?
- To be an accountant alone or to be an accountant and also know about taxation?
- To be a graphics designer that only designs or one that designs and know about printing?

Think on these things.

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Daniel O.N. said...

I hope u drafted an immediate proposal or @ least rendered advisory services to the lady selling the ewa agoyin? Coz it seems u reflected on it a lot. Good one tho,

Bunmi F said...

Wow! Brilliant. In as much as specialization- been a master of ones trade is good, it also pays to be a 'jack of all trades' sometimes.

Anonymous said...


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