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David Apaflo graces the Battle Axe Summit 2014

On Thursday 28th August 2014, I was a guest at the Battle Axe Summit of the Youth Minstry, Foursquare Gospel Church, Gbagada. I spoke on the topic Starting (business) Small. It was an interesting question and answer session where I shared my practical experience in my short business sojourn. I would update this post with the audio and pictures when I get them. Stay winning and never be afraid to start small!

1 year after

So its one year since I have been publishing posts on this blog and I want to say my mind has been blown by the kind of response I got. The over 25,000 views we have grossed in the last one year doesn't even capture the entire story. The job offers, the scholarships, the encouragement, those things cannot even be quantified. I started this blog not trying to make money. I was just doing it to find my peace of mind. I am indeed grateful for everyone who has taken out time to visit this blog whether or not you read a piece. For those who are regular readers, those who promote and share these pieces with their friends. One of the humbling experiences of writing on this blog has been having people that I have never met calling me up to ask for my opinions on certain issues. Once again, thank you and please ensure you share this blog with your friends,, family and the rest of the world .