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2 business ideas that can thrive off the booming e-commerce sector in Nigeria

As a follow up to my post on 7 innovative e-commerce websites in Nigeria , I have carefully thought about two businesses that can spring from this internet vibe we are seeing in Nigeria. You know almost everyone has a web shop or a blog nowadays. Lol In the course of my daily activities as a business consultant, I am constantly asked for new business ideas and ways in which businesses can improve their profits and grow even bigger. Some people seem to be just waiting with capital to jump on the next big idea to hit the market. I can however say, that no matter how good a business idea is, if you do not have passion, discipline and good business design, it would fail. Below, I write of two business that you can easily setup with less than N500,000 to support these internet businesses. 1. Customer Call Centre What it is: Have you ever placed an order online? Did you notice that someone called you to confirm your order? That was a customer care person. Why it is a good busine

7 innovative e-commerce websites in Nigeria

It is 2013 and it is impressive to see how fast online businesses are picking up in Nigeria. Here at , we are very much interested in innovation and have selected some of the most innovative websites we have come across offering services to Nigerians. We all know of jumia and konga but let us take a look at some unique e-commerce websites you might never have heard of. 1. Here, you can quickly what properties you can rent without the hassle of searching for a housing agent. If you have been through the stress of searching for house before, you would appreciate this. 2. Easily find drinks of all ranges. Whether it's a mixture of great value bottles for your everyday drinking, or a couple of cases of great vintage wine for laying down, theyn provide a good selection and experience. 3. MHQ Store is an online shopping portal for basic home items like food stuff etc. The unique thing about MHQ is that the