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Mentor Monday - Episode 4 : Nwayo Nwayo

Nwayo Nwayo is a popular phrase used by the Ibo people from Nigeria in West Africa which means "Gently" or " Sofree Sofree " for those who understand the slang. The spirit behind this is to take like gently so as to ensure we do not rob ourselves of happiness in a bid to chasing achievements. One quote which has stood out for me over the years was from my Dad's repertoire of thought provoking wisdom. As I begin to fuss over certain things which I cannot achieve at the moment and start getting worked up, he would say: There are some things we cannot afford when they are cheap. However, when they become very expensive, that is the time we would now be able to afford them and in multiples.

AYTP 2014 Test

A company into the production of record type in korea. Their current sales is at about 69% with a poor relation with the community. The company's employees are non-local because of the community lack of skilled workers. This has increased the cost of living in that community because of the high salary being paid to the foreign workers thereby increasing the product's price. The chairman has been given three schemes which are as follows: 1) the company's plan to build an health centre that will cost £300000 so as to serve the community.                2) the company is to pay for an orchestra who are to do some concert in france that will cost £200000.                   3) the company is to pay for an advertisement that will last for 2yrs on a TV where the champion club plays. This will cost £250000.               The tax implication for the three schemes are: 1) no tax save;  2) the tax to pay £50000,  3) the tax save is £100000.    Also the three schemes wi

Asset Replacement

After my university hustle days which I have attempted to chronicle here , I started an accounting practice in 2013 and needless to say, very few of the computers, furniture etc I acquired at the start are still in good working condition. The harsh reality is that nothing lasts forever. Not even your favorite macbook pro which you used to launch your digital marketing agency. 😃 The challenge with most business assets is that they lose value (depreciate) over time. When this happens, they eventually get to a state where they are no longer in usable state. Thus, there is a need to repair, overhaul or replace. If one does not manage this very well, the capital outlay required to replace this assets might be as significant as what was required at startup if not more. I have seen many businesses who have made good returns only to die or start operating poorly because their assets stopped functioning optimally and they couldn't replace them. A couple of ideas: 1. Have

Investment Banking Analyst Interview Case Study

A while back, a friend of mine was interviewing with an Investment Bank in Nigeria and the following was given to her as part of the screening exercise. Investment in Africa Investment into Africa by global investment vehicles has been on the rise. Sub-Suharan Africa in particular presents a number of compelling opportunities, for interested investors. If you were seeking to invest into one Sub-Saharan African country, 1.     Which country would you invest in? 2.     Within the selected country, which industry/sector would you focus on? 3.     Provide a brief profile of one company operating within the selected country and sector that you would target. Instructions We suggest that you pick one of the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. You may however decide to present on a country outside of these suggestions, if you find compelling reasons to do so. We are interested in how you think and in how you form opinions. While an in

DA Notes - Happiness

Some time in 2014, I had closed work for the day and I was deeply frustrated and unhappy. I'm not sure till this day I know exactly why. As part of my daily social media routine, I got on Youtube and stumbled on a video of some ghetto kids happily dancing to Eddy Kenzo's Sitya Loss . I did not understand a word of what Eddy Kenzo was saying ( click to see the meaning of his lyrics ) but the beat and great vocals coupled with these kids bubbling with energy and having a great time got me in my feelings. I realized that these kids did not have a tenth of what I had but they were happy. Now this story isn't about saying I would have traded all I had to be happy. No that's not the point. I'm trying to explain that somehow I felt I should be happier because I seemed to have more means. Within a few minutes of watching, I broke down into tears. I had to find happiness. It was not in the degrees, it wasn't in owning a business or having money. Happiness was

Your Lifetime Earnings

Changing phases of life Have you ever sat and wondered. Maybe on a monday morning feeling lethargic and then proceed to ask yourself why you have to get up and go to work? Asides the therapeutic effects of working (yes there are), it helps to know how much you are really working for. I have done an analysis of a basic scenario of a  moderate career track  spanning 35 years as allowed by the Nigerian Labor Laws. All figures are in Nigerian Naira and the tax laws applied are those prevailing at the time of writing this article.  I  assume a scenario where a graduate finished school at about 23 years after the hurdles of JAMB and University strikes. I have also tried to calculate the present value of future earnings. To all non finance readers, this is simply determining how much N1 in the future is worth today.  Please note that this is not an authoritative salary guide.  Take a look at the table below. Year Age  Gross Pay  Tax Pension Net After Tax Pre

What entrepreneurs don't like to talk about but should - Oba Ilobaa

I honestly think there should be many books dedicated to it, with the big names used in illustrations. It is only fair that a truer picture is painted and for every colourful business success story there should be a balancing black and white version for the failures. It serves no one any good purpose to tell only the Forbes-worthy start-up stories and merely glance over its more than likely counterpart; “ F A I L U R E ” Failure can be painful, lonely, depressing and sometimes downright shameful –depending on the size of your ego. Riddle me this? How many books have you read that is dedicated to business failures and the lessons behind the failures? I’m an avid reader of HBR materials and I can tell you for free nobody really wants to talk about personal failures but, we all fail at something at some point and that’s a fact! I failed last year and, failed so bigly that I almost lost sight of all the beautiful wins I have in my pouch, I lost cool cash, closed one busines