Mentor Monday - Episode 1 : Progression

I have quite a number of people (mentors) whom I seek wisdom and guidance from at Intervals. For the next 9 weeks, I would share some key lessons I have learnt from these amazing people on Mondays. 

I remember one day sharing with my mentor Yemi Sanni about how I just had a great year in business and was wondering if I could do it again.

He sat me down and told me a very short story that has forever changed my perspective.

He said "When I was in Primary 2, I would walk past the Primary 4 class and see the maths they were solving on the board. It would look so difficult and I would wonder how I would manage to pass maths when I get to Primary 4 but then I got to Primary 4 and not only did I understand the maths at that level, I was topping the class"

The lesson sank in clearly. Some things in life are about progression. Doing stage 1 well helps you succeed at stage 2.

This advice has been one I constantly remember and YES, I had another fantastic year. No stopping.

Don't worry too much about the future focus on doing your best today and the future would arrive in grand style.

Thank you Yemi Sanni ‪#‎Truestory‬ 


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