Tobi Adeseri: Even Beggars think they need improvement, how much more YOU?

Yes!!! now has guest writers!!!! Below is a brilliant piece from Tobi Adeseri.Tobi is a Business Strategist and a Brand Consultant.

Recently, on my way to work, I came across 3 beggars plying their trade as is usual with most places in Lagos. As I walked past them, one called out to me saying "Oga Good Morning, where my own". This statement made no sense to me and I just kept on moving. Walking past them I began to wonder what he meant by that statement and then I heard the other two making jest of him asking "wetin be where my own" then it dawned on me the former guy wasn't as skillful as his other colleagues.

This really took me back to life and made me remember the story a friend told me of a popular beggar that had started building and developing his house and this made me realize that even begging is a skill and the best of them (the guys on the road you give money to out of pity) think they have to perfect their skill to invoke your sympathy.

Drawing inspiration and lessons from every little experience, I made up my mind to take that decision of paying for a book that seemed so expensive yet so valuable because the experience made me realize that the more you improve, the more your chances of getting something from life and the closer you are to achieving whichever goal you have set for yourself.

As I type this, I'm still inspired by my experience because now I say to myself " If beggars see the need to grow and learn, there is no excuse for me to remain stagnant". No doubt, with the lessons learnt, I'd grow the amount in my pocket so I can give when I'm begged in a more professional way maybe. :).

Tobi tweets from the twitter handle @adeseri

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