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Why Cards Episode 2

So I told you guys in my last episode of Why cards that I learnt this stuff from my sister. I got her to give my readers a dose of her witty insights. enJOY (Her name is Joy...pun intended) Q: Why greeting cards? A: They are cheap and save you the breath Q: Why movies? A: You can live many lives in a few hours Q: Why machines? A: They don’t get tired Q: Why doormen? A: People don’t like to enter a place unnoticed Q: Why make up and perfumes? A: They are masks Q: Why Zoos? A: Saves travel time to have the animals in one place. Q: Why shower stands? A: It is like rain Q: Why do people keep long hair? A: It’s a covering Q: Why write blogs? A: You get to keep a public diary Q: Why do we pay taxes? A: For benefit of the public or not, depending on who collects it. Q: Why build a career? A: Become a ‘Jack’ of one trade Q: Why do we use pressing irons? A: To imitate the look of new clothes Q: Why build

5 Lessons from a leisure Trip to Tinapa

Sometime in 2012, I was in the beautiful city of Calabar for a few days and decided to visit the popular Tinapa Business Resort. I had dreamed of coming here and since fate made it possible for me to be in Calabar, there was no way I was going back home without visiting Tinapa. I assembled a team of friends and we were off to Tinapa to see its very large shopping mall, the beautiful scenery and oh THE WATER PARK ! The water park was a sight to behold with several pools, the lazy river and a 60ft water slide. I was determined to enjoy all the facilities to the max and so I did till I arrived at the 60ft water slide. As much as I wanted to slide down it, it looked so high and so steep, I wondered if I was going to fall off on my way down. I summoned courage and decided to take the slide. Climbing to the top, I realized that it was even much higher than it seemed from the ground. OMG! I should never have come here. Just as I was about going back, a young boy came by… swoosh! and h