2015 is around the corner!

Thank you guys so much for taking out time to read the write ups posted on this blog.

I am indeed grateful to you. At this time last year we had just about 6,000 views. Fast forward one year later and the total views have grown over 5 times!

In 2014 the blog theme was changed to a more user friendly version. I hope you like it. I intend to tweak a few things on the theme to further enhance your user experience.

It's been a very busy year for me and has been tasking keeping up the pace on delivering articles regularly. Also, please bear with me on the typos here and there.

In 2015, we would have more guest writers. We already have Oba Ilobaa who has two fantastic pieces i encourage you to read here and here. We are in talks with Chi Okeke of Elan Etiquette in Houston, USA to give us some business etiquette tools our readers can use.

The stories on Mckinsey and the CFA (r) program have been popular with readers and in 2015 we would have more content on those two subjects. we would also be having specialist answer case study questions from some top investment banks/private equity firms in Nigeria.

I also intend to launch a podcast series. Still contemplating the frequency, whether monthly, weekly or daily. I'd keep you posted when all the logistics are in place.

If this blog has been useful to you, please subscribe to our posts and share with your friends.

Ensure you plan for your 2015!

I wish you all the very best.

David Apaflo

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