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CFA @ 23!!! Interview with CFA Wizkid - Folashade Odejayi

This is the part where I get to famz. I and Shade (Flash as she is popularly called) were in the same graduating set in Unilag and we also worked together at Vetiva for a while. We also took our first CFA exams at the same time but while I went on to fail, she has gone on blazing the trail and now gives us clues to lead us in our quest for the revered CFA designation.  In August 2015, she passed the final level of the CFA exams and in this interview, she tells us how she was able to do it at 23 and also shares some useful insights - DA.  Tell us about yourself (Education & Work background) – Thank you David. I studied Finance in the University of Lagos…finished with a good degree too. Since then, I have worked as a research intern at Vetiva Capital Management. I did this for 3 months after which I had to serve at a private school in Festac, Lagos. Once I was done with this, I decided to further my education and just generally build on my knowledge base, so I enrolled i

2015 is around the corner!

Thank you guys so much for taking out time to read the write ups posted on this blog. I am indeed grateful to you. At this time last year we had just about 6,000 views. Fast forward one year later and the total views have grown over 5 times! In 2014 the blog theme was changed to a more user friendly version. I hope you like it. I intend to tweak a few things on the theme to further enhance your user experience. It's been a very busy year for me and has been tasking keeping up the pace on delivering articles regularly. Also, please bear with me on the typos here and there. In 2015, we would have more guest writers. We already have Oba Ilobaa who has two fantastic pieces i encourage you to read here and here . We are in talks with Chi Okeke of Elan Etiquette in Houston, USA to give us some business etiquette tools our readers can use. The stories on Mckinsey and the CFA (r) program have been popular with readers and in 2015 we would have more content on those two sub

5 steps to succeed in the CFA Exam

By now you must have read my article on how to bag a CFA Scholarship and most likely already have nicked it. Congratulations !! Wining the scholarship is just the first step down the line. Below, I share 5 key steps which are guaranteed to ensure you make the most of the CFA exam. 1. Have a study plan and strictly follow it. 2. Read and UNDERSTAND the CFA® Curriculum and/or prep provider’s materials. 3. Do all End of Topic (EoT) questions and blue boxes included in the CFA® Curriculum to check if you understand the material and to review it. 4. Do many tests and mock exams to understand how the exam is structured and to grasp what the exam may look like. 5. Participate actively in study groups (both real and virtual ones) to improve and master your knowledge while asking and answering problematic questions. You will find all these 5 key ingredients at Soleadea - a CFA Study Portal that helps people aiming for the CFA® certificate prepare for the exam. Soleadea

Blog readers bag CFA Scholarship

I am thrilled to announce that two blog readers were recently awarded CFA Scholarships . If you are a blog reader and were awarded, please let me know by sending me an email 2014 will definitely be a great year. You can get a whopping 10% discount on quality learning materials here by using the discount code BL11S

How I won a scholarship from the CFA Institute

Sometime early 2012, I came across a notice from the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute on its Access Scholarship Program (“Program”) which is designed to make CFA Institute programs more available to individuals who may not be able to afford the full program fees. (“Access Scholarships”). After reading up on the eligibility criteria, official rules, application procedures and evaluation process, I decided to take my chance and apply for the scholarship. The application form required that I fill in my personal information, a personal statement, references and my personal financial statement. I submitted the application and about three months later, I received an email notifying me of my success! Please see below my personal statement and personal financial statement used for the entry submission. Please note that this is to serve only as a guide and not to be copied for your own application. Personal Statement One of my career objectives is to become a leading Investment/ Fi