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5 steps to succeed in the CFA Exam

By now you must have read my article on how to bag a CFA Scholarship and most likely already have nicked it. Congratulations !! Wining ...

By now you must have read my article on how to bag a CFA Scholarship and most likely already have nicked it. Congratulations!!

Wining the scholarship is just the first step down the line. Below, I share 5 key steps which are guaranteed to ensure you make the most of the CFA exam.

1. Have a study plan and strictly follow it.

2. Read and UNDERSTAND the CFA® Curriculum and/or prep provider’s materials.

3. Do all End of Topic (EoT) questions and blue boxes included in the CFA® Curriculum to check if you understand the material and to review it.

4. Do many tests and mock exams to understand how the exam is structured and to grasp what the exam may look like.

5. Participate actively in study groups (both real and virtual ones) to improve and master your knowledge while asking and answering problematic questions.

You will find all these 5 key ingredients at Soleadea - a CFA Study Portal that helps people aiming for the CFA® certificate prepare for the exam. Soleadea gives the access to study materials and creates common workspace that enables communication among CFA® candidates.

Soleadea CFA Prep materials consist of:

Full time mock exam with explanations, peer comparison and time keeping. It is based on CFA Curriculum and LOSes and follows CFA rules for exam questions.

Around 50 hours of high quality videos. While watching a video you can make your study notes using a special designed feature. It helps you easily grasp crucial information and organize your studying.

2,000 exam-type questions with explanations for level I. You may generate a random test choosing topics, number of questions and time per one question.

CFA Formulas App that you can use in either the learning or practice mode. Both modes allow you to filter formulas by level, topic, reading or formula name.

Study Plan App that you can edit any time, set the deadline reminders and assign days to exam topic you want to study. You can also choose one of the ready-made study plans.

All of these will guide you on your journey to the CFA designation.

As my gift to you, you can get your CFA Prep materials at 10% discount using this coupon code BL11S. Click here to purchase.

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