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Oba Ilobaa : An Entrepreneur, His idea and MONEY

I met Oba when he contacted me to work on the financial projections for his Laundromart business back in 2012. Trust me when I say it all started with an Idea . In this piece, he shares the insights he has gained in starting and running his business for almost 24 months. - David Apaflo Neatly stacking the well ironed shirts and ‘Natives’ into my school bag, then crosschecked the old GTB diary to confirm the bill and be certain all items were accounted for, I sent the sms and hopped into a ‘danfo’ heading to Ikota to deliver fresh laundry to a customer. This was how I started a laundry business as an undergraduate in the University of Lagos. Fast-forward this by four years and we have Snowfresh Laundromarts (UNILAG ), a Business School certificate, a winner of Diamond Bank BET3 programme , and an admirable network of seasoned entrepreneurs and consultants. The idea was simple then as it is simple now – “to provide laundry service to a large demographic at the lowest po

Business Lessons to learn from Nairaland’s recent shut down

Recently, nairaland was down for a few days and the entire Nigerian cyberspace felt the ripple. As is usual for me, the day starts with checking up the latest news on a few websites including nairaland. That day, I was so shocked to find that nairaland wasn’t up. After about three days offline, nairaland came back up and even though about 5months data was lost, people carried on using the service seamlessly (a few complaints here and there though). How switching costs locked us in Here is the interesting part – having read about the psychology of internet users and knowing that the average internet user is impatient, one would have though a three day absence was enough to blow nairaland to obscurity but NO. That didn’t happen. In fact, people were thankful for what was retrieved. Over the years, nairaland has been a vital source of relevant “local” information. There is literally nothing you cannot find on nairaland. It is sort of like a Nigerian encyclopedia. The massive da

Switch - From 1.51 CGPA to a 5.0CGPA : The Story of a man named Ifeanyi Nwigwe

As earlier promised, I would be posting interviews with some young leaders on the rise with very interesting stories. First to grace this platform is Ifeanyi Nwigwe who is a Chartered Accountant and currently works with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms in Nigeria. In this interview, you get to see how he moved from 1.51 CGPA to a 5.0CGPA. DA: Hi Ifeanyi, Can we get to know you more? I am from a humble background where I was taught that what mattered the most was preserving a "good name" over material things and to trust in long term reward as opposed to instant gratification. My parents ensured they gave me the best within their means. I grew up amidst so much affection and care where I was brought up on the tenets of Christianity. DA: Can you tell us a brief about your undergraduate background? My undergraduate background is one noteworthy of. When I wrote Jamb in 2006, I applied to the University of Lagos to study Pharmacy but didn't meet the cut off mark so

Google 2013 Trends - Behind the statistics (Nigeria)

What would you do if you knew tomorrow? A whole lot right? Today’s behavior is one of the very good determinants of how tomorrow would be. Looking at Google’s 2013 trends list , I put together my own thoughts on these trends. What it could mean for business and also in general. TOP SEARCHED PEOPLE 5 of the top searched people are sportsmen. This shows that Nigerians are sport crazy. You cannot go wrong with a business that leverages on this fanatic love for sports especially football. MOST SEARCHED MUSICIANS With Wizkid, Olamide and Davido all in the top 3, we can tell the under 25s are rocking the entertainment scene. This might not be unrelated to the demographic characteristics of the Nigerian population with a very high percentage of the people below the age of 25. Does Nigeria need a “One Direction” kinda boy band? I think so. MOST SEARCHED NOLLYWOOD ACTORS Mercy Johnson & Tonto Dikeh controversy seems to increase the popularity of these celebs. With Mercy Johnson’s

DA Reflections: Episode 3 - The Church and unemployment

[ View the story "DA Reflections: Episode 3 - The Church and unemployment" on Storify ] Think on these things. Happy Reflections. DA

5 simple steps to start your blog with less than N3,000!

At a recent summit, I was amazed to learn that Africa’s contribution to online content is less than 20%!! Thinking about it, most times you search for information, you would get a lot of foreign perspectives with that local perspective nowhere to be found. Nairaland seems to be the most reliable source for finding local content on the internet. In the light of the above, we all should get online and start posting! Post about Nigerian, African stuff!! Let’s put Africa in its rightful place. The following steps are to guide you in becoming a content creator: 1. Visit and search for the blog address (domain) you want to use 2. If it is available, proceed to check out and pay for the domain using your GTBank Naira Mastercard (should cost about $14 which is about N2,300) 3. Visit and create a blog account 4. Follow the instructions here and here to link your domain to blogger 5. Fill your blog with content