ARM Young Talent Programme 2014

ARM is one of the most respected financial services brands in Nigeria. ARM is a diversified and integrated, non-bank financial services institution with 18 years investment management expertise. ARM pioneered the execution of infrastructure projects in Nigeria, based on the Public Private Partnership framework. ARM manages total assets of over $2 billion.

The ARM Young Talent Programme (AYTP) is designed to provide exemplary university students with the opportunity to develop an early career at ARM through an exposure to meaningful assignments that offer opportunities to gain real-world experience. The programme runs for a minimum of six (6) weeks each year. It is our chosen way to influence the development of talents in our environment.

I was part of the 2012 AYTP programme and I must tell you it was a wonderful experience. We worked on developing a customer acquisition strategy and brand awareness strategy for the ARM Group.

If you are conversant with 3rd Mainland Bridge, you would notice a huge ARM billboard. That was one of the recommendations we made on ARM’s brand awareness strategy. Also, ARM had a career day in UNILAG recently which was also one of our recommendations.

See my comments on the programme which was published in the ARM 2012 Annual Reports & Financial Statements:

“AYTP was fun, innovative and provided me with learning opportunities. It was great to see young professionals and students entrusted with such a huge responsibility of developing strategies for a company like ARM. The work environment was awesome with interns having unhindered access to mentorship from all staff. It also felt good seeing some of our recommendations implemented after the program. I learnt, made friends and generally had a great time”. – David Apaflo on AYTP 2012

Members of the AYTP 2012 Set @ Lakowe Lakes – An ARM Real Estate Project

I was recently contacted by the firm to notify me of the opening of applications for the 2014 programme. Please click here to find out more.

Brush up your resume and polish yourself for the interview because it is going to be very competitive.


Anonymous said…
Good day, please I applied for AYTP 2015 and the interview is coming up on Saturday, what did u mean when u said competitive and what are the likely questions to expect from the interview?

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