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Oba Ilobaa - Young Male CEO: The Life Hack

No need sugarcoating this, running a business is very hard (& certainly very rewarding). If you see only the glamourous sides, don't be fooled! -It is not for children.However, don't be totally discouraged GTBank is still hiring. You see, how you are able to successfully pull this CEO task is really your 'business'. Here are some useful self-help-tips to guide the Young CEO in making his bones. 1.Tip often. Give only crisp notes & watch service people transform to your personal servants e.g. service boys at weddings or security guards at your bank. 2. Carry a brown or black leather 'money bag' around ,even if you have zero account balance.people will assume in your favour. 3. Grow a pot belly & wear starched shirts. It doesn't make sense but,many Nigerians respect this combination. 4. Social Media hack: Whenever you meet a famous person,don't ask too many questions just ask for a selfie & post on Instagram and twitter (ski

Oba Ilobaa : An Entrepreneur, His idea and MONEY

I met Oba when he contacted me to work on the financial projections for his Laundromart business back in 2012. Trust me when I say it all started with an Idea . In this piece, he shares the insights he has gained in starting and running his business for almost 24 months. - David Apaflo Neatly stacking the well ironed shirts and ‘Natives’ into my school bag, then crosschecked the old GTB diary to confirm the bill and be certain all items were accounted for, I sent the sms and hopped into a ‘danfo’ heading to Ikota to deliver fresh laundry to a customer. This was how I started a laundry business as an undergraduate in the University of Lagos. Fast-forward this by four years and we have Snowfresh Laundromarts (UNILAG ), a Business School certificate, a winner of Diamond Bank BET3 programme , and an admirable network of seasoned entrepreneurs and consultants. The idea was simple then as it is simple now – “to provide laundry service to a large demographic at the lowest po