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From Lagos to France and the scholarship in between - Tosin Ogunmusire

After my blogpost on whether or not to go for a Masters degree, there has been significant interest from readers about advanced learning. In this post, I bring to you the story of a bright young Nigerian - Tosin Ogunmusire who won a scholarship from Total to study in France. This story is to inspire our readers and let them know that these opportunities exist and are real. I personally know 4 people who have been beneficiaries of this scholarship. Without wasting your time, peep the interview below -DA. Tell us about yourself - Educational & Work background I'm a graduate of the "prestigious" University of Lagos Nigeria, where i studied Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management, and also picked up some work experience via internships at Citibank Nigeria & Chevron. I worked as a teacher (for free) in a public school for my NYSC after which i was at Guinness Nigeria for about 6 months, KPMG for a month, then PwC Nigeria where I had a bulk of my profe

Switch - From 1.51 CGPA to a 5.0CGPA : The Story of a man named Ifeanyi Nwigwe

As earlier promised, I would be posting interviews with some young leaders on the rise with very interesting stories. First to grace this platform is Ifeanyi Nwigwe who is a Chartered Accountant and currently works with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms in Nigeria. In this interview, you get to see how he moved from 1.51 CGPA to a 5.0CGPA. DA: Hi Ifeanyi, Can we get to know you more? I am from a humble background where I was taught that what mattered the most was preserving a "good name" over material things and to trust in long term reward as opposed to instant gratification. My parents ensured they gave me the best within their means. I grew up amidst so much affection and care where I was brought up on the tenets of Christianity. DA: Can you tell us a brief about your undergraduate background? My undergraduate background is one noteworthy of. When I wrote Jamb in 2006, I applied to the University of Lagos to study Pharmacy but didn't meet the cut off mark so