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Mckinsey & Company Pre-interview evaluation questionnaire

In a bid to get into the world's number one consulting firm Mckinsey and Company, you typically start by completing an evaluation form which is analyzed and this determines whether you are called for a test. A while back I completed the evaluation form and the following were my answers. These answers were deemed good enough for me to be short-listed for a PST (Problem Solving Test). Describe an important and out of the ordinary achievement in your life I'm proud of the fact that I graduated on time with a first class degree while I got involved in student politics, volunteer activities, while also working part-time for two years in school. A lot of my classmates  weren't  involved in other activities asides school work or let their grades suffer. I believe the reason I got through it all was sheer determination and discipline; I never even let myself visualize anything but finishing on time and with good grades. So I firmly believe in the importance of a positiv

Using the STAR Framework for Interview Questions

I first came to the knowledge of the STAR framework when I was preparing for my case interview with Mckinsey & Company . Read here , here and here to catch up. The framework was introduced to me by Seun Oyegunle who at that time was an MBA student at Wharton Business School. A framework simply means an organized way of tackling a problem. You can call it a formula. STAR simply means S - Situation : Give a brief description of the situation you found yourself in. T - Task : State the task you needed to carry out and the challenges you considered A - Action : Describe the specific actions you took to complete the task R - Result : State the result achieved with numbers to quantify the result. This framework is best used for competency-based questions you might be asked in an interview. Usually with these questions, you have to tell a story about your achievement(s). The trick is to weave the STAR framework into your responses without pausing or letting the intervi

Questions - Why Cards Episode 1

Asides a recent obsession with Quora , I first came across the concept of Why cards one day while snooping on my younger sister's notepad. lol. It is basically about asking random questions and answering them with some cheeky answers. It seemed fun and captivating. However, beneath the fun, you are likely to unearth some deep knowledge about certain issues. As one of my favorite writers Mike Murdock puts it, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask! Have fun with this guys! Q: Why does Apple have a logo at the back of it's Macbooks? A: They just want to show off. Q: Why does the work week start on Monday and not any other day? A: Well, we all agreed to start on monday. Q: Why are you reading this? A: You are maybe bored or curious. Maybe trying to see what I'm up to. lol Q: Why does America act like the class captain of the world? A: I dunno o. The stole the ether from Mid guard. Q: Why are pastors of mega churches so

Managing Risks - David Apaflo TEDx Unilag

A few months back I was a guest speaker on TEDx Unilag . The video clip is now available please watch below and please drop me your feedback. Thank you.

David Apaflo @ TEDx Unilag

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5 Lessons from a leisure Trip to Tinapa

Sometime in 2012, I was in the beautiful city of Calabar for a few days and decided to visit the popular Tinapa Business Resort. I had dreamed of coming here and since fate made it possible for me to be in Calabar, there was no way I was going back home without visiting Tinapa. I assembled a team of friends and we were off to Tinapa to see its very large shopping mall, the beautiful scenery and oh THE WATER PARK ! The water park was a sight to behold with several pools, the lazy river and a 60ft water slide. I was determined to enjoy all the facilities to the max and so I did till I arrived at the 60ft water slide. As much as I wanted to slide down it, it looked so high and so steep, I wondered if I was going to fall off on my way down. I summoned courage and decided to take the slide. Climbing to the top, I realized that it was even much higher than it seemed from the ground. OMG! I should never have come here. Just as I was about going back, a young boy came by… swoosh! and h

David Apaflo graces the Battle Axe Summit 2014

On Thursday 28th August 2014, I was a guest at the Battle Axe Summit of the Youth Minstry, Foursquare Gospel Church, Gbagada. I spoke on the topic Starting (business) Small. It was an interesting question and answer session where I shared my practical experience in my short business sojourn. I would update this post with the audio and pictures when I get them. Stay winning and never be afraid to start small!

1 year after

So its one year since I have been publishing posts on this blog and I want to say my mind has been blown by the kind of response I got. The over 25,000 views we have grossed in the last one year doesn't even capture the entire story. The job offers, the scholarships, the encouragement, those things cannot even be quantified. I started this blog not trying to make money. I was just doing it to find my peace of mind. I am indeed grateful for everyone who has taken out time to visit this blog whether or not you read a piece. For those who are regular readers, those who promote and share these pieces with their friends. One of the humbling experiences of writing on this blog has been having people that I have never met calling me up to ask for my opinions on certain issues. Once again, thank you and please ensure you share this blog with your friends,, family and the rest of the world .

David Apaflo graces COSOMAS 2nd Annual Mentorship Forum @ Caleb University, Imota

Earlier this year, I was a guest speaker at the COSOMAS 2nd Annual Mentorship Forum @ Caleb University, Imota. I spoke on the topic " The path to the right: Academic Fidelity " It was an exciting time where I got to speak to the students about taking a stand against exam malpractices.