CV Enhancements

A CV as we know it is supposed to give a representation of your abilities, experience, achievements and associated information. I have come to realize nowadays that a lot of CVs are “over-enhanced” to the point of telling lies.

A situation where someone who cannot type on a computer is proficient in Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint! Where someone who hasn’t even registered for an exam is writing “CCNA (in view)”.

As a general guide, it is good to enhance your CV. However, do not tell lies that would come back to haunt you. If at all you want to lie, make sure if you are tested you can at least drag yourself through the test with the existing skills you have.
Work experience is another area where people tell a lot of lies! I recently saw a CV of someone who had just two months of experience claim he had two years of experience!!! Believe me, I am not exaggerating.

Imagine this kind of lie? If he finally gets the job, how would he cope? This would only lead to future embarrassment and eventually a sack. He was even oblivious of the fact that previous employers are usually written to give a character and work reference. What a trap he is setting up for himself.

The way forward
Some skills are basic skills every worker is expected to have. For example good command of English and use of basic MS office packages. If you notice you are deficient in an area, try to develop yourself before you state it on your CV. These days the internet provides a plethora of useful information which are most times even better than the education received in most universities in Nigeria.


Abigail Jackson said…
Lie in a resume is unacceptable. You may be caught. Why do people risk?
I think it's better to create a good resume. Even if you have no or little job experience, there is always a possibility to characterize yourself in a positive way. For this purpose, try Resumance best writers.

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