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Apaflo Profits Multiplication Table

Almost every week, i'm inundated with people calling me to say David what can I do to make money? Especially with Nigeria going through a recession/depression. I always start by asking the following questions: What are you currently doing? I'd like to know what you have started doing or what you plan to do. Action action action. Preferably I like people who have started doing something at least. Can what I am doing scale? Scale is simply about serving more people with little or no increase in costs. On the average almost every business can scale but there are usually limits. I'd do a subsequent post discussing scaling in detail. How much of scale do I want? I'd rather rephrase this as how much of profits do I want? The Apaflo Profits Multiplication Table (APMT) basically shows how profits multiplied by customers gives you money in the bank! Sell an item with a profit of $1 to 10 people, you make $10. Sell an item of $100 to 1,000 people you have $100,000

From Lagos to France and the scholarship in between - Tosin Ogunmusire

After my blogpost on whether or not to go for a Masters degree, there has been significant interest from readers about advanced learning. In this post, I bring to you the story of a bright young Nigerian - Tosin Ogunmusire who won a scholarship from Total to study in France. This story is to inspire our readers and let them know that these opportunities exist and are real. I personally know 4 people who have been beneficiaries of this scholarship. Without wasting your time, peep the interview below -DA. Tell us about yourself - Educational & Work background I'm a graduate of the "prestigious" University of Lagos Nigeria, where i studied Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management, and also picked up some work experience via internships at Citibank Nigeria & Chevron. I worked as a teacher (for free) in a public school for my NYSC after which i was at Guinness Nigeria for about 6 months, KPMG for a month, then PwC Nigeria where I had a bulk of my profe

Harvard Business School Admission

A few days ago Harvard Business School (“HBS”) was in Lagos for an information session at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos. So as it seems, these ivy league schools are paying more attention to Africa. I know Wharton and Stanford have similar events coming up in the next couple of days. I was at the program and even though I was a few minutes late, I don’t think I missed much. There was a panel of current MBA students (Class of 2015) and some other Harvard Alumni at the program. The students talked about several things – course work, campus life etc. We were also given a run through of HBS’ evaluation criteria which is as follows: • Habit of leadership • Analytical aptitude and appetite • Engaged community citizenship For the admission process, you would need the following: • Written Application • Transcripts • GMAT • Resume • Recommendations • Essay Some points to note however: • The average GMAT score for the Class of 2015 is 73