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Investment Banking Analyst Interview Case Study

A while back, a friend of mine was interviewing with an Investment Bank in Nigeria and the following was given to her as part of the screening exercise. Investment in Africa Investment into Africa by global investment vehicles has been on the rise. Sub-Suharan Africa in particular presents a number of compelling opportunities, for interested investors. If you were seeking to invest into one Sub-Saharan African country, 1.     Which country would you invest in? 2.     Within the selected country, which industry/sector would you focus on? 3.     Provide a brief profile of one company operating within the selected country and sector that you would target. Instructions We suggest that you pick one of the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. You may however decide to present on a country outside of these suggestions, if you find compelling reasons to do so. We are interested in how you think and in how you form opinions. While an in