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Plenary Session with George Bush - Access Conference 2013

Dear Readers, A while back, Access Bank Plc put together a stellar conference where 4 ex presidents were in attendance. One of the standout sessions was with George Bush. Going through my notes this morning, I found some priceless gems I thought to share. I hope you find these nuggets useful in your daily life. We need to create an environment where entrepreneurship flourishes, develop young entrepreneurs and improve the ease of setting up a business. Remove trade barriers among African countries It is important to set goals and have tactics in place to make them come to pass. Toughest decision - committing troops to war Protect the homeland, security of the people. Focus on educating children Project calm in time of crisis. If you panic, the people who follow your leadership will panic Say something when in crisis. Do not keep quiet It is important to gain the trust of the people around you.  Gain the confidence of the people by busting corruption The greatest gi