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Oba Ilobaa: 2016 Resolutions (for Men)

2016 Resolutions (for Men) i. Make plenty money ii. Drink less iii. Eat healthy iv. Quit Smoking v. Join a Gym vi. Start saving... bl...

2016 Resolutions (for Men)

i. Make plenty money
ii. Drink less
iii. Eat healthy
iv. Quit Smoking
v. Join a Gym
vi. Start saving... bla bla bla

Aren't you tired of lying to yourself?

We all 'wish' to be better persons right? But then we must put in the work and permanently overtake the imaginary life we oftentimes use to embellish our reality.Lol

Alot of people just make armchair resolutions year in year out.

Don't hop on a threadmill and expect it to take you someplace, if you really want to move you need to take a walk or find a bus going your way. Period!

Here are 10tips I've found very useful and practical too.

1. Write down your plans.
Do it the old fashioned way. Put pen on paper. Stick it where you can see it every single morning. Forget that app thing. It's cool and that's where it stops...

2. The calendar does not have to change for you to make a change in your own life. Start TODAY! You know what needs changing this minute so why are you indulging till Dec. 31st of any given year?

3. Live deliberately. Stop that TGIF thing. If you have to wait till Friday to live a little, what do you do from Monday till Thursday? Your wallet, liver and quality of life will improve if you live daily.

FREE Tip: Get a job you truly love to go to -even on weekends.

4. Get away from your routine life once in a while. It will make you a better partner and parent. You can even fake a business trip and let some bad out. If you get caught then you're not as smart as you think you are... Really.

FREE Tip: don't keep a mistress, it's expensive, especially emotionally.

5. Laugh more.
Go to fun places more often. Hang around people that make you really happy and promote your well being. Infact upgrade your cycle of friends if necessary.

6. Call your mom more often. I admit most times our mothers fuss too much but, she's your mother. She has sacrificed enough for your sake.

7. Skip all the dramatization.
Have a one-on-one with yourself about realistic goals you need to achieve in 2016 and start early. Don't talk too much about them.

8. Gadgets. Stop looking at your phone every 30seconds at public gatherings and meetings. Talk to the person beside you and hone your conversation skills. It's a real skill that will NEVER become old fashioned.

9. Spend less than you earn and save ahead for the luxury treats you've always wanted, its not rocket science... Or is it?

10. Remember, 'Hope' is not a strategy.
You have to do what it takes to get the life you really want. As they say "hope for the best, plan for the worst".

Have a splendid 2016.


OBA Is a business owner. You can catch him on Twitter: @ilobaa Instagram: Obailoba Snapchat: obailoba

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